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Enrolled Agent and tax return specialist in King of Prussia, PA and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Specializing in Audits, Appeals, & Collection Representation

If major overstatements of deductions exist on your tax return, the tax professional who prepared it for you could face preparer penalties imposed by the IRS. Pick a professional, like myself, with extensive experience in audit dealings with the IRS.


You have the right to take your audit result to the IRS Appeals Division, the highest IRS administrative review.

The average audit appeal results in a 40% decrease in the amount of taxes, penalties, and interest imposed by IRS auditors. Yet only 1 out of 16 audited taxpayers goes to Appeals.


The function of the IRS Collection Division is the collection of tax, interest, and penalties as assessed! It has been my experience that many assessments, while legally valid, may be reduced substantially or eliminated

If you have an outstanding tax liability, you need someone familiar with the IRS collection system who knows the procedures and the process that will ensure the most favorable outcome.

Collection Representation is a specialty,
and I specialize in Collection Representation!

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