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programs available

infant programs (6 weeks – 12 months)

infant programs are distinctly different from our other programs. infants learn through their own experiences, trial and error, repetition, imitation and identification. our staff provides a broad array of stimulating experiences within a calm, nurturing routine determined by individual needs. our staff works closely with parents to understand each infant’s unique needs.

toddler programs (1 year – 3 years)

our toddler program staff understands that toddlers learn best through active involvement with people and by actually manipulating objects. they know that a toddler’s imagination and curiosity give them great energy and creative potential, and that toddlers rely on adults to help them deal with their intense feelings and rapid fluctuations in moods. our toddler teachers are warm, patient people who provide stimulating experiences while giving protection from excessive stress through a frame work of routines.


preschool programs (3 years – 5 years)

the preschool curriculum emphasizes learning as an interactive process. our teachers provide a variety of activities and materials that are concrete, real and relevant to the lives of young children. in accordance with the research and theories of john dewey, creativity is emphasized through process-oriented activities. the children are given opportunities to choose from a variety of activities, materials and equipment. multicultural, nonsexist experiences, materials and equipment are available. frequent varied opportunities are provided for children to communicate, while developmentally appropriate tasks and materials. a kindergarten readiness curriculum is integrated into the four year old program. the preschool program has a state certified teacher and a qualified assistant teacher.


play involves the free choice of activity that is non-literal, self-motivated, and enjoyable while providing the flexibility for children to grow and discover without the pressure of failure and evaluation. play is critically important for children and is essential for normal physical, social, emotional, intellectual and moral development. all of our programs devote large blocks of time each day to play that is child initiated, child directed, and teacher supported, where creativity and individuality are stressed.


parents are encouraged to participate as much as they can in the day to day program at the margaret george school. parents are welcome at the school at any time, whether to visit with their child, ask questions, express concerns, or to seek help. the staff at the school communicates with parents regularly regarding children’s development needs. parents are given the opportunity to evaluate the program on an ongoing basis and formally, in writing, once a year.


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"nursery school is the time when children should learn how to cooperate, take responsibility, problem solve and communicate openly."

- betty lou bettner, phd


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